Image credit: Pinterest

Image credit: Pinterest


We can help you to find everything from the right cushion fabric, to bathroom fittings, lighting… and everything in between.

With interiors magazines, blogs, Instagram and websites such as Pinterest, people are bombarded with images and presented with a multitude of options. This can make selecting furniture, fabric, fixtures and fittings (to name a few), feel like an insurmountable task. People are confused and unsure of the direction they wish to take and so often end up choosing ‘the safe option,’ which is neither aesthetically pleasing nor a satisfactory use of budget.

At Charlotte Elizabeth Design, we pride ourselves in getting to know our client so that we can discover and tease out the right aesthetic for them.

Once we have a thorough grasp of likes and dislikes and have ascertained suitability considerations, we sift through our extensive design directory to find the perfect fabric, flooring, hardware etc.. for the project. We then present our client with a selection of options, taking the stress and the strain out of it.

A concern that we commonly hear is where, when redecorating a couple of rooms, people worry how these spaces will ‘talk’ to one another and if their colour choices will flow between rooms.

In this instance, hiring an interior designer is the safest option as you will end up with considered, coherent schemes that sit beautifully together.

Fees vary on the extent of work required. Please contact us for more information or to organise a free consultation.