Caribbean Perfection 

A wonderful project - we worked on the renovation of this 19th Century Plantation House in Barbados. The house had been empty for many years before the current owners bought it after seeing it quite by chance during a trip down from Manhattan. 

A few months later, the ambitious project got underway. Along with a full-rewire, re-plumb and a new roof, the existing verandah was extended and widened to wrap around two sides of the house. This opened up the ground floor, allowing more light and a welcome breeze to flow through the rooms.


Creating a layered look

Most of the furniture, fittings and accessories were sourced in the UK and USA and shipped over.

To create a layered look and to avoid the house looking too "done," we sourced furniture from antique and flea markets as well as some local house auctions. The upholstery and curtain making was then done by local suppliers on the island.